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The pregnant woman eats 100 sweet fruit to notice the matter

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Fruit is rich in vitamin and dietary fiber, pregnant women more fruit can prevent constipation. But different fruits, different effects, pregnant women can not eat randomly. So can pregnant women eat a hundred sweet fruit?
Can pregnant women eat a hundred sweet fruit
Because pregnant women can eat passion fruit, passion fruit anti-inflammatory analgesic, huoxue physical, lipid-lowering buck, ziyin kidney, refreshing ingesting, eliminate fatigue, row poison to raise colour effect, can enhance immunity, is also good for the pregnant woman. The following benefits are specific for pregnant women:
1. promote fetal growth
passion fruit is rich in antioxidants, fiber, minerals and vitamins, and many other basic nutrition, are needed for fetal growth and development, so the passion fruit can be eaten during pregnancy to ensure healthy baby.
Improve blood circulation
passionfruit has a high iron content, which can help increase the production of heme. A good number of red blood cells can dilate blood vessels, make the oxygenated blood flow everywhere in the body, help to improve the function of each organ, pregnancy eat passion fruit can prevent anemia and related complications.
3. Relieving vomiting
During pregnancy, pregnant women will have more or less pregnancy response, and will be vomiting, and will want to eat acid to alleviate. It is a good choice, not only to alleviate the vomiting caused by pregnancy, but also to increase the appetite of pregnant mothers.
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4. Relieve constipation
passion fruit contains super fiber, can purify the body, avoid harmful substances deposited in the body, relieve constipation, for pregnancy caused constipation of pregnant women is very useful, but also can achieve, and beautify the appearance of skin.
The pregnant woman eats 100 sweet fruit to notice the matter
1. You can eat a hundred sweet fruit during pregnancy, but you must control the quantity, two best days in a day. Overuse can result in breaking the balance of acid in pregnant women and affecting pregnant women and fetuses.
2. When the pregnant woman chooses the passionfruit, select the almost circular shape, and smell the aroma of the passionfruit. The more intense the aroma, the better the maturity. And the mature of the 100 fragrant fruit surface green fade, appear red gradually. After collecting, after storage for a period of time, the fruit peel will appear sag, and the fruit pulp will be sweeter.
pregnant women eat a hundred sweet fruit
Gerald GORN Chair Professor of Marketing Associate Dean (Research and Postgraduate Studies)
1. Direct fresh food: cut off the passionfruit and use a spoon to scoop out the flesh.
2, making juice: take a passion fruit, cut, the pulp with a spoon scoop into the cup, add 200 ml water, add a few adjust the sweetness of sugar, stir well to a color, aroma and taste are good nutrition of juice. If you use a juicer for a few seconds, it works better.